I began Strange Markings as a way to share my heart with the world.  I started out far away from where I am now, with the weight of fear pushing my head down–I couldn’t look anyone in the eye.  It was embarrassing to hear my voice played back on a mini-cassette tape.  It’s getting better now, thanks to the support and encouragement of a few very close friends.  This music is my life’s work.  I think there’s nothing better than music.  I love the magic trick of senses and memories being triggered by something invisible, yet containable.  I didn’t know what I was doing at first, I had no musical training until I was in my 20s, and I’m not sure I know much more now.  It’s getting easier to understand what is happening, though.  I’m not a confident musician, I don’t play out much but I’m slowly learning to perform better over time.  I’ve been lucky enough to play & record with some fantastic musicians, and their talents help my ideas become more pleasing to the ear.

Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Stehr & bassist Ryan Hailey form the current foundation of the group with me.  Kellii Scott plays drums on the first 2 records.  Gregg Foreman plays keys.  Dan Aquarian, Josh Jove, Taylor Locke & Billy Wesley have all contributed guitars.  Dan Allaire, Jason Morris and Rob Columbus play drums on some recordings.

I hope the music has some value for you.  I am always trying to grow, and with each song I strive to come closer to expressing clearly with music what can’t be expressed any other way.

Thank you.

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The llamas come from Mumford Llamas, a friendly farm up in Washington.  Check ’em out <<here>>