Dream #3

A dream transcribed from an old tape.  Maybe 2005.  I went to sleep at 5, even though I needed to work, and the dream was that I had this beautiful Korean girlfriend that really liked me, she was really tall and had a fantastic body, and I met her on the internet.  I guess I imagined her as this Sofie person.  She was really into me even though I was just sort of a funny looking little guy.  I remember in my house, cooking something.  And I remember the way her butt looked in the jeans, blue jeans.  She was cooking a meal, sort of laughing at me.  She was sort of able to see everything in this dream.  She was able to see that I was a funny looking guy, that she really liked me, and all this, it wasn’t like it was a trick to her.  Ondi had called and asked me how I was doing and asked me about the film and I was bullshitting her on how it was, how Tanya (in Join Us) was.  It was a totally different film, then I was outside.  There was this huge sewer hole.  I was like “oh man, don’t drop your phone into that.”  Because I guess the asian girl had gone home, that was the only way to contact her.  And I really liked her, but I was talking to Ondi, and the phone fell down into this hole which was this wide open circular white hole sort of like a subway tube almost, it was huge.  There was some water at the bottom of it, just it was damp.  And it was white tile, falling down about 25 feet and curving into going parallel with the road.  And I thought don’t drop your cellphone down there and eventually I did and the question was whether to jump down there and get it, or not.  And I ran down the road and tried to get the address to the hole, so I could call someone and have them help me out.  And I think that was the end of the dream.