Dream #2

Dream: Sitting on the couch, looking for the taperecorder, found it on the left-side-rest, armrest of the couch.  Recorded a Johnny Cash style song.  Stood up, the taperecorder went above the doorway closet.  And then somehow it stopped and tape spilled out.  Reels and reels, I tried to rewind it and it wouldn’t work, and I tried to pop it open and the tape spilled out on the floor.  I was frozen, paralyzed somehow and I couldn’t move and I thought ‘Oh man, this is just how it is in the dream” and I didn’t realize it was a dream because there was a fan on and I thought “It can’t be a dream because there’s this fan blowing, I must have turned the fan on” and I knew it was to my right, somewhere in the vicinity of the doorway to the bathroom and it kept going on and on and it sort of wavered, I think it was rotating or turning on and off.  I stood there paralyzed, standing.  Bending over backwards ore something like that.