Dream #1

Remembering a fucked up dream I had on the 30th of may 2006.  I thought it actually happened until halfway through the next day.  When I was thinking of some Scandinavian version of Jackass which is apparently more jackassedy than the US version.  And I thought about eyeballs popping out.  And I remember having to turn away from a video on the internet with this guy…did someone send me this video or did I dream it?  It was the last thing I remember before going to bed, I thought, but then I don’t remember going to bed.  Because I saw Chuck E Weiss at a club and I drank a lot.  But I remember this guy peeling his fleshy fat head off and having another head inside.  Maybe Chuck E Weiss’s head, and he peeled it off and there would be another one and he kept peeling them off and it was like a Russian doll but his new heads weren’t any smaller, they’d grow inside the fatty head, and he would peel it off like pulling his head through a turtleneck shirt.  Continuously doing so, like 5 times.  Hilarious.