While Domini Sleeps

how  I wait

I wait

My time


for a song

yeah a song like you

to stop my fall

yeah you’re that strong

who oh oh oh

is it real?  could it be?


whoo hooh

whoo ho

whoo hooh



my framed


they turn


cuz a smile

has escaped

escaped unscathed

An oceans weight

who oh oh oh/

a symphony

inside of me


stars align my galaxy

close your eyes

dream your way back to me

promise that I’ll keep you safe

got love as long as I still breath


wooh hoo hoo hoo got to get it again

wooh hoo hoo hoo got to feel it again


These cracks

My faults

she shakes 

down walls

so long 

yeah a song like you

can’t stay for long

but you slayed them all

no oh oh oh can’t be contained

how could you be?


farewell to a perfect moment

my god it’s worth my whole life

what a way to spend my time,

won’t forget it even if I lose my mind