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  • Adam Stehr – Explorers / I love this guy’s stuff, he has a great voice and a great vibe.  I look forward to hearing whatever he does next.
  • Paper Pilots – EP / Really cool new band from LA, reminds me a lot of Belle & Sebastian.
  • Bill Callahan – Dream River  / This guy and his former project (smog) is a huge influence on Strange Markings.  Great for an introverted road trip through Americana.
  • Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak  /  The Boys Are Back In Town is probably in my top 5 songs of all time and, while uneven, this album’s pretty fun all the way through.
  • FIDLAR – FIDLAR  /  Saw these guys open for the Hives in Pioneer Town and they put on a really fun show.  Happened on them again at the Bumbershoot festival in the middle of a hot & beersoaked day and they were the perfect fit for the moment.  Their first LP sounds amazing.
  • Curtis Mayfield – Curtis  /  Move On Up has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time.  We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue is also a wonderful track with a cool arrangement and some really unique instrumentation.
  • Chain & The Gang – Music’s Not for Everyone
  • Stones – Let it Bleed / I listen to Let it Bleed, Midnight Rambler & Monkey Man on loop for hours at a time
  • Harry Nilsson – RCA Boxed Set  / Fantastic compilation if you’re a fan of Harry.  It has the hard to find Pussycats album he did with John Lennon and a lot of unreleased gems.
  • Brian Eno – Lux  / Really nice and atmospheric.  If you like his ambient work at all, I recommend this.